Water Smarts: Elements In Your Water

We drink water because our body needs it. More then ever we are concerned about what could be in our water that might be hazardous to our health. Awareness of what's NOT in our water is just as important.

There are bottle water processes that remove many of the beneficial ingredients that our body needs to maintain a healthy state. To offset this, our bodies actually deplete their own reserves in an effort to stay balanced. ESIL water technology allows minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron and chloride to remain in their natural state.

Redefining Water wants all consumers to be informed that drinking Ricochet Pure Water is making a healthy choice.

  Water is Life

Calcium - is essential for all life. It
forms part of cell walls and bones.
It is important for blood clotting.         

- has a key role in energy production, muscle contraction and blood coagulation. Low levels may contribute to osteoporosis and hypertension.

- plays a major role in the maintenance of blood volume and blood pressure. Also needed for nerve tranmission and muscle contraction.

- compounds are responsible for carrying oxygen around the blood stream. Pregnant women often need to increase their iron intake.

- helps maintain electrical
stability of heart and nervous system.


- Digestive uses in the stomach contain hydrochloric acid.