Water Smarts: Water Industry in Canada

The bottled water industry is huge in Canada and is growing at a rapid pace. Consumers have a wide choice of brand name to choose from. Unfortunately the brand name is not necessarily the important issue. What is important to good health is the water process that was used to clean this resource. One of the reasons why ESIL Water Technology is so important is that it returns water to a healthy state by not making any nasty by-products or by adding any chemicals.

Esil Water Technology:

  • Continuous flow electrolytic process to clean water, low energy cost.
  • Treatment of inorganic, organic compounds and microorganisms.
  • Filtered particulate is rendered sterile or inert, no harmful by-products.
  • Natural balanced minerals remain to help you maintain a healthy body.

Reverse Osmosis:

  • Ultra filtration through a membrane.
  • Removes organics and inorganics.
  • Needs additional treatment to remove microorganisms.
  • High concentration of impurities resulting in potential environmental issues.
  • Removes healthy minerals from the water.


  • Water is boiled. Condensed steam forms a liquid.
  • Removes inorganics and microbials.
  • High energy costs and volatile organic compounds.
  • High concentration of impurities resulting in potential environmental issues.
  • Removes beneficial minerals from the water.

Spring Water and Artesian Water:

  • Waters taken from an underground source.
  • May contain pathogens, heavy metals and other contaminants.
  • If Micro-filtered to remove above then natural minerals are also removed.
  • Volumes of water taken can disturb the aquifer and water table.

Chemical Treatment (Tap Water):

  • Municipal water treatment facilities add chlorine and alum for disinfection.
  • Chlorine reacts with microorganisms to form Tri-Halo-Methane (T.H.M.)
  • T.H.M.’s are a known carcinogen (cancer causing agent).
  • Waste stream of chemical sludge an environmental issue.

What water would you like to drink?